Why I became a Chartered Director

I decided to do the Certificate and Diploma in Company Direction with the sole purpose of becoming a Chartered Director, I wanted the whole solution.  This was for me the goal as I have the Chartered Secretary qualification already and needed to ensure additional value in knowledge and in recognition.

The Chartered Director adds value on to the Chartered Secretary and MBA qualifications in the following ways-

  1. Focus on strategy rather than management
  2. Distinguish the responsibilities of the Board as a unit
  3. Understanding duties and responsibilities as a director
  4. Knowledge of key issues prevalent at Director level versus management
  5. Aware of the leadership influence of a Board on the company and stakeholders
  6. Identify the risks impacting the directors, the Board and the company
  7. Clarifying what is not known in detail and where to find that information
  8. Seeing the bigger corporate picture
  9. Clearly defining how to wear different hats and how to behave once donned!

What it entails to become a Chartered Director (this is all clearly laid out on the IoD website)

  1. 3 subjects for a Certificate
  2. Further 3 for a Diploma
  3. Portfolio of experience
  4. Interviews

 Would I do it again, knowing what I know now

Yes, categorically I would.  I learnt a lot and am part of a wonderful network of like minded people.  It helps set you apart from other consultants or candidates or colleagues (depending on the circumstances to hand) either as a recognition factor or at a knowledge level.

 Value your company could achieve from a Chartered Director

Whether the individual is full time, contracted, providing services or a NED, DID or Chairman or a mentor or coach, the value is that there are certain things about business that they now just know. 

 Their strategic understanding is a fundamental asset you will gain and the resources of knowledge and skills they can draw on if they do not have the answers themselves adds an additional dimension, easily, cost effectively and quickly.

 In difficult circumstances, they can be an excellent sounding board to the Chairman or Executive, their knowledge, independence and ability to advise on the options will be balanced and valuable.


The above is not only my view – please review this very short video made by the IoD where 8 Chartered Directors give the key values they have gained from the Chartered Director education – click here to view the video