As Board Evaluation specialists, we at Genius Methods are passionate about the evolving field of corporate governance and  enjoy sharing our learning with others, particularly through the panel debates and training sessions.

Genius Methods’ Project Manager, Fiona Burgess, has recently completed a Masters of Research dissertation on ‘The Language of Corporate Governance: A Sociological Analysis’ which we believe might be of interest to you. Please view an Executive Summary here. The research is based on a survey of 56 governance professionals in the UK comparing how key terms such as ‘ownership’, ‘performance’ and ‘corporate governance’ are defined in the literature and amongst survey respondents. 

Brink (2011:vii) explains that: ‘Despite innumerable written contributions on [corporate governance], economic sciences have failed to provide a clear definition of the corporate governance concept or even to sufficiently demarcate the underlying context of consideration’.

If you would like to read the full dissertation, please email Fiona at

As elucidated in this research, corporate governance is a social construct in which communication and consensus on language has a critical impact on effectiveness. Genius Methods works with Boards in a variety of ways to help them improve corporate governance effectiveness.  Our Board Evaluations or Board Development projects often begins with a bespoke online assessment tailored to the desired outcome and within a defined budget.

To  discuss your next Board Evaluation and how Genius Methods can help your Board enjoy this exercise and gain a vast amount of practical tips to improve their effectiveness, please feel  free contact me on or contact Fiona Burgess direct on