Regulatory Compliance

All businesses are affected by regulation. Compliance is never an issue to be treated lightly or relegated to a task to be resolved only when a deadline looms. Organisations have to be ‘blemish-free’ as far as the regulators are concerned.  Statutory requirements, however, can also drive organisational benefits, ranging from internal efficiencies to external perceptions, from reducing costs, to maximising profits.

When the regulator visits, the chances are you will find that the use of word documents, spreadsheets, calendars and task lists will suddenly seem somewhat less than the best you want to provide. Your  information needs to be recorded, controlled and disseminated accurately, to ensure consistent usage, transparency and ability to prove due process. Many companies feel that it cannot happen to them, but non compliance is a reality, one that you need to reduce the risk of occurence, minimise the negative outcomes and ensure systems can prove all efforts possible are in place to control the impacts.