Sharon is winner of the Woman in Business Award 
South African Chamber of Commerce London –  2013

Wednesday, March 5th the team of five Business winners for 2013 came together to share with the audience under the guidance of Avi Lasarow, a South African businessman and Honorary Consul for the Republic of South Africa to the Midlands, our stories on how we achieved our business successes and what advice we had for the future.

Sharon shared a brief history and the challenges faced on the way here:-
–   Culture
–   Glass Ceilings (concrete ceilings) 
–   Passion / self belief / clear goals / focus / dedication 
–   Hard work / no balance as work overrides life
–   breaking new grounds and markets
–   changing countries
–   challenges of the UK Business committee and the outcomes of the global crisis    ….      

Avi guided conversations so that we all shared the community, charity and education work we were doing in our industries

The photo shows Sharon with the incoming Chairman –  Melissa Powys-Rodriques, a SA Attorney and UK Solicitor.

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The South African business community meet monthly in the evening and monthly for breakfast to listen to speakers, share ideas, network and get business.  

To top the evening Sharon shared recipe ideas with the South African Chef Petrus Madutlela who excelled on the UK Master Chef challenge.  There is no smile like Petrus’ describe by Michel Roux as being able to light up any room on entry.     

Photos taken by Ronel van Zyl