The Big Society and the effort to cut the costs of an oversized Public Sector by the current government has been met by resistance at virtually all levels.  It is not easy to cut costs and to work within a smaller budget.

SQW, a leading provider of research, analysis and advice on sustainable economic and social development for public, private and not-for-profit organisations has issued an excellent paper on “The Big Society, Public Sector Spending cuts and Community Empowerment“.

There are many places to start reviewing costs, responsibility, risk management and ownership of process.  One of those places is right at the top – at Board level.  This applies whether a Housing Trust, a Foundation Trust, a Charity or a Local Authority. 

At Board level the ethos needs to change from expectation of funds to “how do we manage within a given, restricted budget”.

The attached article addresses the Board Evaluation process that the Public Sector need to adopt, as is being done in the Private Sector, the evaluation of leadership culture and, with the support of behavioural and governance specialists, support the change in focus.  This mind shift will filter through the organisation into every nook and cranny – miraculously savings will be the outcome, without it being a direct initiative.