Risk Culture

Organisations that do not understand the risks or miscalculate the risks stand to be exploited by those who understand them better. An ineffective risk management process serves no purpose and can significantly impact the financial health of any organisation. Most organisations have to re-focus Risk Management in the aftermath of the global crisis and it is best to have an “outsider” to facilitate this process and bring a fresh perspective to the table.

Risk Culture Building is risk management consultancy and support services with a difference! Our unique approach is based on constructive demolition—breaking down the silo’s within risk management that restrict effective risk mitigation and building the bridges and risk nervous system that increase effectiveness to ensure sustainable competitive advantage.

Risk management systems are also no good on their own; if everything is not connected, it cannot be effective. System selection is a key component of building an effective risk management function. Our goal is to make your risk management systems and processes simpler; which result in less work and better decisions. If your current risk management processes irritate rather than motivate your staff, it is time to call us.

The future of risk management is in the ability to incorporate and inspire more of the behaviors we want- both the behaviors we want to encourage and those we would like to avoid.

Every employee is a Risk Manager- just train them.