Investment Management

Genius Methods is working with the investor community to understand their needs on disclosure, transparency and their understanding of the governance operations within the businesses they have invested.

Where there are stakeholder tensions in the Boardroom due to investor demands and expectations we work with the Board to define the boundaries, compiling the content and tone of communications and understanding the landscape of transparency.

It is important that a Board is able to undergo an evaluation that is rigorous and robust with the information communicated in a transparent way showing outcomes, objectives and action plan.  This needs to be achieved giving real information and value but without “laundering the dirty washing”, putting Directors at personal or professional reputational risk or risking strategic activities.  There is good information and there is information if, in the public domain, would not add value.

We work with the various communities directly and provide workshops bringing these communities together in a way that they can learn to understand one another in a constructive and informative way that will improve these communications.