Board Development specialists, Genius Methods will put Non-Executive Director remuneration under the spotlight when CEO Sharon Constanҫon chairs a panel discussion of specialists and Directors.  The panel will, from varying perspectives, debate the risks, issues and challenges faced by Boards and Non-Executive Directors and what the future remuneration scenario could or should look like.

Are NED’s correctly remunerated for the risks carried and effort given? Are organisations at risk of paying peanuts and getting monkeys?  Are pay packages so lucrative that they put independence at risk?  If providing services pro bono, will the Director give enough time and effort?

The next in a series of interactive and educational networking debate hosted by Genius Methods will focus on the range of solutions, the risks, merits and pitfalls of pay rates, incentives investments, and share options for Non-Executive Directors (NED’s).

Sharon Constanҫon said: “This remuneration debate is a natural progression from the matters raised at our October event which focused on the risks and benefits of truly independent  NED’s – remuneration was raised as a factor that could influence Director independence.  We felt this subject deserved a more in-depth debate to examine the key issues more fully.

The ICGN (International Corporate Governance Network) issued guidelines to prevent corruption and aid transparency.  NED remuneration is a notoriously thorny subject exacerbated by the economic slump and changing regulations and expectations.  The most poignant issue is that the responsibilities and requirements of a NED are escalating, and yet fees have not mirrored this change.  Is this putting such critical roles of a unitary Board structure in jeopardy?

For the full article on NED Remuneration, please click here.

The event will take place from 5:30 pm-9pm at the Royal Air Force Club, Piccadilly on 26th February 2013. It is free of charge.

 Attendees must reserve their place by contacting or calling 01494 565 947.