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Date Author Topic Title Download
Sept 2011. Informed Executive The value of a Board that is well governed So who needs a Board? Download
July 2011. Just Insights Understanding the value of a Board to lead an effective organisation Helping Organisations Capitalise on their Strengths Download
June 2011. Chartered Secretary The case for a Board Evaluation A Better View of your Board Download
 April 2011. Chartered Secretary Effective Boards understand the value of quality Board Evaluations An Outside View Download


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Date Author Topic Title  Download 
May 2012 Sharon Constancon Debate and sharing of personal experiences in relation to the value of a Board Evaluation Board Evaluations – What is your View
 March 2012. Sharon Constancon Board maturity in terms of managing Board level organisational risk Crucial Role of the board in Managing Risk
 March 2010. Sharon Constancon and Alan Hindley Board Evaluations Direct Value of Good Governance


Case Studies

Date Company / Industry Topic Title Download
March 2010. Regulated Industry Board Evaluations Why I thought I did not want one and why I was wrong. Download
June 2010. Financial Services Client Risk Categorisation I thought I was compliant – but I was not transparent.


Board Evaluation Services

Topic Title Download
Board Evaluations Board Evaluation Packages Pdf
Board Evaluations Our Approach Flyer
Board Evaluations Value to AIM or about to be listed companies Flyer
Board Evaluations Board Evaluation Value Flyer
Board Evaluations Progressive Approach
How to adopt Board Evaluations over a 3 year cycle
Board Evaluations Flyer – Knowledge exists in the Boardroom Flyer
Board Evaluations Return on Investment Pdf
Board Evaluations Sample Reports
Single page from a selection of sanitised reports
Board Evaluations Sample Presentation
Feedback to Board