“For businesses to navigate through the current economic turmoil and to seize the opportunities, we need exceptional chairmen”       Sir Roger Carr

The Chairman is the helmsman, they define the direction of the entity and their personality has an immense impact on the way the Board performs.

Genius Methods’ experience has noted the following 10 key observations in recent board evaluation work:-

1.   A weak Chairman, who does not lead the Board, results in a casual atmosphere,  low governance and matters of management rather than those of a strategic nature fill the agenda.

2.  A personable Chairman, who has good listening and leadership skills can competently lead the Board provided other specific industry or technical skills required are present.

3.   An autocratic Chairman is the one least open to board development input, change and implementing recommendations.

4.   Most Chairmen have little knowledge or understanding of the impact their actions, words and body language have on others.

5.   Many Chairmen do not understand what the role entails when performed correctly and are least likely to realise the importance of the role in stakeholder communications.

6.   An autocratic Chairman often shuts down discussion way before the Directors feel they have had their say.

7.   Subject matter competent Chairman risk defining the conclusion of a discussion before the discussion has been held.

8.   Executives turned Chairman struggle with the new role and should take on training or mentoring to make the transition.

9.   Finance oriented Chairmen see the five year financial plan as the strategic plan, this understanding stunts true strategic planning.

10.  Often Chairmen find treating Directors equally very difficult and prejudices, personalities, knowledge etc risk clouding the objectivity of the Chairman.

We share with you the work of Alvarez & Marsal – What makes an exceptional Chairman?  where their research identifies 8 key behaviours of successful Chairmen.

Genius Methods has developed a Chairman self assessment based on the work of Alvarez and Marsal to enable a Chairman to get confidential and objective view of their Chairmanship skills.  We have also developed a checklist on how to chair a meeting.

Please email us on info@geniusmethods.me.uk for further information on services focused on supporting Chairmen.