We must connect with the big players

IoD – Director Magazine – January 2015

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Sharon, a Chartered Director was interviewed by the Director magazine in late 2014.  The published articel “We must connect with the big players” gives Sharon’s view that the IoD reach into the FTSE Boardrooms needs energy. 

Board Directors need to understand their roles, responsibilties and the value of good corporate governance to be effective as a team.  Sharon notes that many Chairman are struggling to effectively lead boards due to barriers to governance understanding.

Working with Boards, Sharon notes that many Directors do not have a sound understanding of the requirements of the role and how to carry out their duties effectively, leaving personal agendas and ineffectively behaviours outside the door.

The Chartered Director program prepares Directors through study, case studies, shared learnings and experience adequately for the role.  Directors who have progressed to chartered agree that they are better equipped now to deliver effective contribution as a Director.