International Services

Genius Methods partners with key companies and individuals internationally to deliver and improve awareness of Corporate Governance and Sustainability.

We believe that the value provided by the UK approach, ethic and view of business, when adapted to local market conditions can add value to those guidelines and practices already present.

We have working relationships with Partners in a number of countries that see the value of Corporate Governance and wish improvements to occur within their country.

We share our knowledge with our Partners, we support their local situation and bring additional value from the UK environment and other best practice we experience in other countries.

We work in a number of different ways –

  1. A joint partnership where we mutually deliver solutions
  2. An associate relationship where we support the delivery of solutions in a territory
  3. Joint shareholders in a new venture
  4. Business development with ongoing relationship

Our services internationally include:-

  • Board Evaluations
  • Training in Corporate Governance from Beginner to Certificate level
  • Corporate Governance consultancy
  • Online frameworks to deliver effective corporate governance solutions

If you want to know more, or would like to join our growing international team, please contact us now.