Join our CEO, Sharon Constançon, every Monday at 1pm, for “Genius Nuggets – Tips and Tools to becoming a Top-performing Board”.

These 30-minute, interactive conversations have proven to be very popular. You are welcome to join us.

Please register through our Linkedin Page – HERE.

Our Conversations so far are as follows, and each can be viewed on replay in our Video Archive.

1. Are Your Directors Part of the Problem or the Solution?

2.Decision Making at Board Level. Make it Work!

3. Chairmanship. The Secret to a Best Performing Board.

4-6. Parts 1-3 – Board Culture. How to Influence Your Board to Adopt the Desired Culture.

7-10. Parts 1-4 – Bias and Influence – The Main Biases Impacting Board decision-making; The Toolkit for Effective Outcomes. Making Difficult Decisions

11. IQ, EQ, and The Other Quotients


Sharon is CEO of Genius Methods – a company offering tailored training, mentorship, and coaching in understanding the impact of tone, culture, EQ, IQ, relationships, and diversities, to deliver a Board that makes a difference.

Her methods focus on the real factors that impact effectiveness – leadership, risk management, holding management to account, open debate and understanding the board’s impact on, and value to, the organisation.

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