“Boards used to operate in a Castle with a full moat and drawbridges up,  now Boards operate naked, in glass houses”  S. Constançon

Chairman often do not realise the impact they have on others, and given their mindset, not receptive to hearing this information.

Shareholder Spring – Caution – Remuneration is not synonymous with Governance, it is one important element of organisational governance

The group cited more examples of dysfunctional rather than learning Boards.

A valuable outcome of diversity of thought is the protection against group think. 

The above quotes come from a White Paper created post a Genius Methods event on 15th May 2012.  The panellistsand delegates enjoyed quality input, debate and feedback. 

Conclusions Drawn

 1.  A learning board is keen to have a rigorous and robust evaluation.

 2.  An ineffective board is reluctant to objectively look at itself in the mirror and learn from what it sees.

 3.  Weak or autocratic Chairmen are both equally resistant to an evaluation.

 4.  A Chairman is the key to culture, ethics, behaviour and effectiveness of the Board.

5.   The risk exists of a widening gap between effective and ineffective Boards.

 6.  Collectively the Board should not allow an elephant in the room. 

7.   More importantly the elephant should not be surrounded by ostriches with their heads in the sand.

Feedback from a delegate
 ”Thanks very much for organising such an interesting session.   I thought the panel were great individually and collectively, and the delegates enthusiastic and insightful, coming from very varied backgrounds The round table discussions and feedback sessions raised lots of additional points and the whole thing was choreographed to perfection. Well done indeed.”