About Genius Methods

Genius Methods was born out of our passion to help Boards understand how small changes in the board room make huge changes in its effectiveness.

It is easier for an independent source to share change ideas which are best determined through an evaluation of the Board and its Committees.

Genius’ independence, wide range of board exposure, real commercial and financial business experience brings value way beyond the project.

Genius has carried out Board development, mentoring, Board reviews and evaluations for businesses ranging from FTSE 100 to SME’s. Our experience includes many industries with particular skills working with regulated organisations, particularly financial services firms regulated by the PRA and FCA.

Understanding the impact and focus of Regulators on a firm and its Board’s responsibilities is critical to its effectiveness in leading to reach strategic goals.

A top athlete has a coach to help attain gold; Boards equally gain from a refreshed, external review, focused on evaluating the team for their role into the future.

An evaluation of the Board as it is now, has limited value other than a benchmark against peers. A Board should be assessed for its future role in line with strategy, market conditions and its ability to be the best Board it possibly can be.

Governance is embodied by competent people operating effectively within a clear and appropriate culture. Therefore in line with Codes, Guidance and best practice we remove the small, almost invisible barriers, to effective team leadership.

Genius brings specific skills to financial services, listed and other regulated sector Boards.

We know that the impact of culture and behaviour can scupper any well laid strategic objective. Boards fail to lead effective, not because they are doing anything wrong, but more often because the people factor means they are not gaining full value from the team working as an effective leader. Good governance is the only way to implement objectives to reach planned outcomes, growth and profitability.

The “tone from the top” is defined by the Chairman, this embodies culture, ethics, vision and values. Therefore an evaluation needs to review the competence of the Chairman. Genius finds that the value gained by the Chairman is worth more than any training available. Real, practical and implementable guidelines which, in a lonely Chairman’s place, brings value and credibility to deliver change.

We provide a good dose of business common sense that addresses people behaviours in this working environment to get maximum cohesion, growth, development and communication that underpins any top performing and effective Board.

We believe in effective ways of working, the value of structure, information and interaction to support both evaluative and quantitative analysis to understand the role of people within their functions.

Management Team

When Genius Methods was established, one of our guiding principles was to arrive at a balanced and complementary skills set across the team.  Only by ensuring that there was not even the smallest shortfall in our ability to add another dimension to the skill sets of management teams with whom we come into contact, could we guarantee delivery on our promise

“to facilitate the attainment of the perfect organisation, by ensuring the seamless transference of strategic intent into operational reality”

Our core team shares skills and experience, across a spectrum of industry types and challenges, so cross-representative of our clients activities they seem almost like a compendium of management best practice.

Well, in a way, we believe they are.