Culture first:
A Board sets the right culture which should be aligned to the right strategic goals designed to deliver a sustainable business while interacting appropriately with all stakeholders.

In reality:
A Board Evaluation is a cathartic experience that allows the whole Board to talk freely and safely with Sharon, who objectively creates the picture and practical ideas to address gaps and addresses this with the Chairman and the Board.

There are always nuggets to be gained with short term and longer term benefits evident.

The evaluation outcomes and work with the Company Secretary support the embedding of effectiveness changes that make real differences to overall board behaviour and organisational culture.

Recent Observations:
Recent work with a number of large company Boards has evidenced that however there is usually a high presence of IQ in the Boardroom; the balance of EQ is not always as prevalent as is needed for effective outcomes.

Sharon Constancon is a finalist for Dr Neville Bain Memorial Award for the Chartered Director that has delivered outstanding achievements in the field of corporate goverannce and organisational direction.

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“I was sceptical of the value of an external board assessment, but today, having thought my board was good, I understand how addressing some simple and practical steps, my Board and I are definitely more effective, more aware of each other, communicate differently and make better decisions quicker.”

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